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Anti Moisture Granules / Desiccant Masterbatch / Bhej Dana / Moisture Remover

Desiccant Masterbatch is a compound of special mineral which can be used for removing moisture and resolving problems related to shine, surface finish and strength of Polymer Products. Desiccant masterbatch is also used for increasing gloss of finished products with low energy consumption and improve production efficiency of the plastic products and increase strength and elongation. It can also increase filler loadings.

    Desiccant Master batch helps to eliminate:

  • Moisture
  • Fish Eyes
  • Porosity
  • Windows/lenses in films
  • Silver streak in molding


  • Lamination
  • Blow Molding
  • Injection Molding
  • Raffia
  • Tarpaulin
  • Reprocessed Plastic Granules

We have various grades in Anti Moisture Granules:

Application :Thin Lamination/ Thin film
Application :Film/Lamination
Application :Molding and chairs
Application :Film/Lamination/ Blow Molding and injection molding

Desiccant powder/ antimoisture powder/ moisture remover powder

Anti Moisture Powder is a white powdered form chemical that is fabricated for various industrial applications. It is used to absorb the moisture content present in the plastic scrap material. It removes moisture from the product and improves its strength. It is widely used for its chemical accuracy, effective performance and other features. It increases shining, smooth surface, gloss and strength in the product

Anti Moisture Powder reduce energy charges as it absorbs the moisture very fast, hence reducing your machine and labor charges. Anti Moisture Powder is widely used for recycling material, damped plastic and degraded plastic of PP, LDPE, Nylon and all other plastic grades during recycling, moulding, blowing process (film blowing, plastic blowing, plastic injection, plastic extrusion, salivation).

    Importance of Anti Moisture Powder

  • The end product is solid and does not have any porosity
  • Improves smoothness and shine of the surface
  • Increases production
  • Reduces machine load
  • Increases the strength of finished products
  • Minimizes air block inside recycling die / mold & minimizes production wastage
  • Controls production related problems in worn out screw & barrel to an extent
  • Reduces cost of production


  • Reprocessed Granules user Industries.
  • Reprocessed Granules Manufacturer.
  • Carry bags and Liners.

We have following grades of Anti Moisture Powder:

Application :R.P. Granules / Carry bags / Liner / film/ molding, etc.
Application :R.P. Granules/Carry bags, etc
Application :R.P. Granules / Carry bags, etc.
Application :R.P. Granules / Carry bags, etc.
Application :R.P. Granules / Carry bags, etc.



Polymix is a compound of specialized mineral of fine particle size with extra brightness and additives for enhanced elasticity. It is a polymer extrusion additive which also helps in cost reduction. This compound can replace virgin polymer by 10-15% thus maintaining brightness and transparency of product. Polymix has a unique application for colored extrusions and lamination.

Key Features:

  • Increase tensile and impact strength
  • Increase elongation and flow of material.
  • Reduces dusting on Tape.
  • Increase filler loading.
  • Strengths of films unaffected by high percentage of loading.
  • High film clarity.
  • Cost effective and reduce power cost.
  • Decreases wear and tear.


  • Raffia
  • LD/ HM/ Films
  • Lamination
  • Tarpaulins
  • Blow Molding
  • Injection Molding.
Application :Raffia/ LD HM/ Films/ Lamination/ tarpaulins/ blow molding.


It is a compound of special mineral of fine particle size with extra brightness and additive for enhance elasticity. It is polymer extrusion cost reducing additive. Poly Vista can replace Eva polymer by 5-12%, thus maintaining brightness and transparency of product. Melting temperature of Poly Vista is 75 - 90 Celsius. Poly Vista has a unique application for Eva Film purpose.


1. Melting temperature upto 85 C.
2. Increase Strength and Tensile
3. Increase Glaze and shining
4. Reduce wear and tear
5. Reduce cost
6. Increases flow
7. Good film-optics
8. Optimum dispersion.

Application :Eva film, Eva sheet.